O2Pak Overview

O2Pak Overview

The O2PAK -a solid state handheld oxygen generator- is an emergency source designed to be activated within seconds of injury, providing oxygen in the most extreme conditions. It supplies oxygen until better equipped medical professionals arrive to the scene where they will provide the next level of care and prepare for evacuation.

The O2PAK was specifically designed for individuals operating in hostile and remote locations (desert like and low temperature environments up to 40,000ft/12,000m), exposed to a high risk of being injured in the execution of their tasks. Self-contained, compact, lightweight, and easy to activate even under the most stressful conditions, it operates in any orientation.

Originally developed for Special Forces, other applications include EOD/ Demining units, SWAT teams, Remote SAR, Disaster Relief operations, VIP protection, Homeland Security, K9 units, Government protection, drug enforcement, border patrols, medevac units and others…

Unlike traditional oxygen sources,  the O2PAK is not pressurized, requires no filling, no mixing of chemicals, nor any maintenance. The O2PAK utilizes solid state chemical oxygen therefore eliminating the risk of explosion under fire or hazardous conditions that come with pressurized cylinders, while still producing 99+% pure medical grade oxygen. The O2PAK requires no electricity, no battery, or recharging and can be stored for prolonged periods of time without worry, and will be immediately ready for use when required.

The O2PAK had undergone extensive scientific research and development to ensure its safety and efficiency in all environments. The O2PAK also underwent a variety of live tests including: Blast (IED & Landmine), Fire, Ballistic rounds; all to ensure the O2PAK remains non-explosive both while in storage or as oxygen is flowing.

Whether as a standalone unit, or as part of an emergency medical kit, the O2PAK is a reliable, readily available, maintenance free oxygen solution for use in any environment or situation immediately when needed.

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